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    BlackBerry Optics

    Prevent. Detect. Respond.

    BlackBerry? Optics pushes all detection and response decisions down to the endpoint, eliminating response latency that can mean the difference between a minor security event and a widespread, uncontrolled security incident.

    What’s New in BlackBerry Optics

    What's New in Prevention-First EDR

    • Registry Introspection
    • Intel? Threat Detection
    • DNS Visibility
    • Windows Logon Event Visibility
    • RFC 1918 Address Space Visibility
    • Enhanced WMI Introspection Via Windows API
    • Enhanced PowerShell Introspection Via Windows API
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    Why Choose BlackBerry Optics?

    BlackBerry Optics is AI-driven endpoint detection and response. It provides the endpoint visibility necessary for exacting functions including root cause analysis, threat hunting, and incident response.

    Prevent Widespread Incidents With Machine Learning

    By turning the endpoint into a virtual SOC, BlackBerry Optics continuously hunts for threats without human intervention.

    Quickly Detect and Respond

    Combining static, machine learning, and custom rules to identify and block advanced threats.

    Learn and Improve, with Every Attack

    Use attack data to improve your security posture. Close gaps in your security framework to minimize your attack surface.

    Simplify Effective Threat Hunting

    BlackBerry Optics simplifies the process of advanced threat hunting, making it accessible to every member of your team.

    Right Size Data Collection with Relevance

    BlackBerry Optics provides built-in playbook-driven incident responses that can be customized to meet your business needs.

    Right Size Data Collection with Relevance

    BlackBerry Optics employs a focused approach to data collection. It retrieves only relevant security data from endpoints.


    Introducing Powerful New Capabilities

    Check out our webinar that outlined the latest BlackBerry Optics features and how they improve threat detection, response, and remediation.

    SC Media Innovator "Hall of Fame"

    BlackBerry Protect and BlackBerry Optics are not only SC Labs approved solutions, SC Media has also recognized us as an "Innovator" three years in a row. Now they've inducted us into their "Hall of Fame."

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    The Total Economic Impact of BlackBerry Protect and BlackBerry Optics

    Determining the cost of a cybersecurity investment is easy. Calculating its overall value requires deeper analysis. The Forrester Total Economic Impact study provides you with a framework for assessing the potential ROI of investing in Cylance security.

    Read the Study

    Gain and Maintain an Edge Over Attackers

    Work Smarter, Not Harder

    AI-driven threat prevention, response, and attack mitigation stop attacks that legacy products miss while dramatically reducing alert fatigue.

    Continuous Situational Awareness

    Let BlackBerry Optics discover hidden vulnerabilities in your environment. Use this insight to perform on-demand threat hunting across the enterprise.

    Workflow-Based Incident Response

    React to threats at machine speed. When a threat is detected, automated playbooks can drive responses so your system takes immediate action without requiring human intervention.

    Solution Brief

    CylanceAPI: Automate Your

    Repeatable, and Automated Workflow Integration

    CylanceAPI is a series of RESTful APIs that deliver access to BlackBerry Protect and BlackBerry Optics data, administration, and investigation tasks. They enable full integration of Cylance security solutions into existing security frameworks and workflows.


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    Find the Perfect Package for You

    Choose the BlackBerry? Spark Suite that Meets Your Needs

    BlackBerry Spark?

    UEM & UES

    UEM Suite + UES Suite features for full Unified Endpoint Security and Unified Endpoint Management

    BlackBerry Spark? UES Suite

    UES only

    AI-Driven Endpoint Protection, Detection & Response, integrated Mobile Threat Defense, continuous authentication, adaptive risk scoring and dynamic policy adoption.


    Video: Single Prevention and EDR Agent

    Watch Video

    Solution Brief: AI-driven Threat Prevention, Detection and Response?


    Third-party Evaluation: BlackBerry MITRE ATT&CK? APT20

    Learn More

    Infographic: The Case for a New Approach to Endpoint Detection and Response?