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    BlackBerry Guard

    Preventing Threats with Actionable Intelligence

    BlackBerry? Guard is a subscription-based managed detection and response offering that leverages our award-winning native AI platform and the 24x7 support of a world-class team of BlackBerry incident responders and prevention experts.?BlackBerry Guard enables security teams to focus on key security initiatives versus recovering from breaches.

    Why Choose BlackBerry Guard?

    BlackBerry has the strategy, expertise, and technology to analyze and guard your organization by preventing and containing threats as well as large scale breaches.

    • Discover threats in no time
    • Respond to threats in no time
    • Implement in no time

    Adversaries don’t keep office hours. That’s why?BlackBerry Guard monitors your environment 24x7, triaging alerts, tracing threats, correlating data, facilitating remediation, and keeping you informed every step of the way via the?BlackBerry Guard portal and a convenient mobile app.

    BlackBerry's 5th generation native AI platform stops zero-day payloads, polymorphic malware, APTs, and both file-based and fileless threats with proven 99.1% efficacy.?BlackBerry Guard prevents incidents from occurring, before they can compromise your data and reputation.

    Going beyond simple alert management and traditional MDR,?BlackBerry Guard employs intelligence and methodology-based processes to identify potential attacks, data exfiltration, unauthorized access, or other potential vectors of compromise.

    SOC teams are under-staffed and over-stressed due to a global security skills gap that shows no signs of abating. The solution? Augment your SOC through mobile interaction with a world-class team of?BlackBerry Guard incident response and prevention experts.

    The?BlackBerry Guard subscription is driven through a centralized AI platform that enhances the network effect of intelligence across your security ecosystem.?BlackBerry Guard helps you transition efficiently from a reactive to a prevention-first security posture.

    BlackBerry Guard?performs advanced orchestration for the triage, filtering, and response actions performed by analysts, and accelerates detailed incident response strategies that ensure threats are quickly detected, stopped, remediated, and prevented from recurring.


    Key Features

    Transparent, Proactive Threat Hunting

    It’s hard to detect the true signal of a threat when you’re drowning in a sea of extraneous alerts.?BlackBerry Guard automatically validates and triages alerts, collating forensic data and converting alert noise into threat intelligence.

    Customized Mobile Visibility and Interaction

    BlackBerry Guard?orchestrates alert notifications and analyst interactions through defined escalation tiers with an online portal and both Android and iOS platform?BlackBerry Guard apps.

    Automated, Rapid Response

    BlackBerry Guard?responds dynamically to changes in your environment with AI technologies that stop file-based and fileless attacks, assess indicators of compromise, and initiate responses that prevent security threats from becoming security incidents.

    BlackBerry Guard Tier Comparison

    Resources BlackBerry Guard BlackBerry Guard ADVANCED
    ThreatZERO Configuration and Assurance yes yes
    Mobile Alerts and Escalation Management yes yes
    Email Alerts yes yes
    24x7 Basic Threat Hunting yes yes
    24x7 Proactive Threat Hunting ? yes
    Access To CylanceGUARD Analysts ? yes
    CylanceGUARD Reports ? yes
    Quarterly Prevention Review ? yes
    Proactive Outreach for Critical Alerts ? yes
    Defined SLAs for Critical Alerts ? yes


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