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    BlackBerry 2FA

    Simple, high-security user authentication that safeguards your critical systems

    BlackBerry? 2FA offers strong, high-security user authentication that safeguards cloud and standards-based services – while still protecting your existing VPN.?

    Safeguard Critical Systems with a Superior End User Experience?

    Critical enterprise systems – especially cloud services – are more exposed than ever before because of the growing threat of cybercrime. Passwords alone are not enough for the expanding number of endpoints in your network. Two-factor authentication is vital for protecting your company’s high-value systems.

    With BlackBerry 2FA, you can provide two-factor authentication to every type of user inside and outside your organization—from traditional employees and part-time contractors to partners. It supports unmanaged devices and devices managed by a third party, so it can easily map onto almost any device external users may have.

    Legacy two-factor authentication systems often have high maintenance or subscription fees. BlackBerry 2FA has low up-front costs and virtually eliminates help desk requests such as forgotten PINs and lost hard token devices.

    BlackBerry 2FA allows automatic provisioning to devices managed by BlackBerry? UEM, and a simple activation procedure for users with other devices. In either case, no IT support is required. And you can easily set up BlackBerry 2FA on as many devices as users have.

    BlackBerry 2FA offers optional features that can ensure users always have access to your cloud services, VPN or other systems they need to keep working—without involving IT. Users can authenticate when offline, or even pre-authenticate ahead of planned network connectivity loss.

    Combined with other software and services from BlackBerry, BlackBerry 2FA enables you to comply with regulations, including the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

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    Use Mobile Devices for a Better Authentication Solution

    With BlackBerry 2FA for Identity Access Management, once employees have registered one or more mobile devices, they can access critical systems simply by entering their usual password and clicking OK on a registered mobile device to authenticate.

    • Eliminates the frustration of complex authentication processes
    • Removes the need to remember PINs, carry additional devices, or manually transcribe codes
    • Provides a superior, one-click user experience
    • Enables access to critical systems, even in emergencies
    • Allows for the use of multiple, preferred devices across iOS, Android? and BlackBerry

    Success Stories

    There’s a government mandate that says any device that will access the law enforcement database needs to have two-factor authentication. A password just isn’t good enough anymore. We feel that between BlackBerry 2FA and BlackBerry UEM, we’re now in compliance…[and] we’re in a place where we could allow our users access to national information from their mobile devices using BlackBerry security software.

    Sergeant William Okula, Executive Officer,

    Suffolk County Police Department Technology Bureau

    Find the Perfect Package for You

    Choose the BlackBerry Secure UEM & Productivity Suite?that Meets Your Needs.

    Compare Suites
    Freedom Suite

    Improve agility with collaboration applications, app customization, and enterprise-grade security.?

    Limitless Suite

    Equip organizations with additional security for file protection, Digital Rights Management (DRM) and the most features of any suite.

    BlackBerry 2FA is included in the Collaboration Edition of the BlackBerry? Enterprise Mobility Suite for BlackBerry and Microsoft applications, and across all OSs in the Application and Content Editions.?