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    Defense and Military

    Safe, Secure and Reliable Solutions

    In an environment where lives are often at stake, safeguarding your communications, personnel and systems is essential. BlackBerry? offers field-proven solutions with the security and resiliency you need.

    In the News: BlackBerry Establishes New Subsidiary to Better Serve the U.S. Government

    Headquartered in Washington, D.C., BlackBerry Government Solutions is a new independent wholly-owned subsidiary that will accelerate BlackBerry’s Federal Risk and Authorization Management Program (FedRAMP)?initiatives and deepen ties with U.S. federal agencies.

    Read the Press Release
    In the News: BlackBerry Establishes New Subsidiary to Better Serve the U.S. Government
    In the News: BlackBerry Establishes New Subsidiary to Better Serve the U.S. Government

    FedRAMP Authorized Endpoint Management

    As new device types proliferate, how do you stay in control of your growing fleet of devices, while empowering personnel with secure access to workflows and data?

    The BlackBerry? Government Mobility Suite is a cloud-based endpoint management solution, offering a single, integrated view of users, devices, applications and policies within your IT environment.

    Customers can use the BlackBerry Government Mobility Suite to unify endpoints across all ownership models and operating systems, while securing sensitive data. It’s deployed in the Microsoft? Azure FedRAMP approved Government cloud as a multi-tenant, government-only community cloud deployment model.

    Learn about the BlackBerry Government Mobility Suite

    Mobilize Secure Voice and Text

    Communication on mobile devices can be vulnerable to hacking and eavesdropping. SecuSUITE protects against threats to local and national security by enabling secure unclassified and classified mobile communications on conventional mobile devices.

    • Government-grade performance and security
    • Supports iOS and Android, integrated with secure landlines
    • End-to-end encryption
    • Superb voice quality
    Learn about SecuSUITE

    Protect People and Operations

    When an emergency strikes, responders need to communicate with other agencies seamlessly, without the need of any special equipment or expensive technology. BlackBerry? AtHoc is an emergency notification system that enables organizations, from individual units to MAJCOMs, to communicate and collaborate with greater effectiveness, authority and control in times of crisis.?It is FedRAMP authorized at the Moderate level.

    • Send mass emergency notifications
    • Make critical safety decisions
    • Communicate with personnel across all channels
    • Share map-based situational awareness
    Learn about BlackBerry AtHoc

    Share Files Securely

    The sharing of sensitive data and large files with law enforcement, state/local agencies, private sector and international parties is essential but must be secured to prevent information leakage.

    BlackBerry? Workspaces addresses the challenge of securing the exchange of sensitive government information with:

    • FIPS 140-2 validated encryption
    • Integrated Digital Rights Management (DRM)
    • Device-optimized access through PC, mobile and web interfaces
    Learn about BlackBerry Workspaces

    Safeguard Mission-critical Systems

    Defense and security applications and platforms face challenges unlike any other.

    BlackBerry QNX Software Systems provide the most reliable and scalable RTOS, industry-leading multi-core processor support, a high availability framework and a comprehensive Eclipse-based tool chain to ensure the security of application software systems in mission-critical environments.

    Learn about BlackBerry QNX

    Success Stories

    AtHoc Connect is helping us bridge a serious communications gap between people who are located physically close to each other in the same facility, but on different networks. The most important feature for us is security of communications, and the Connect network is certainly secure.

    Eddie Herchert,

    Systems Engineer, Pentagon Force Protection Agency

    Recent hurricanes and other emergencies illustrated the need for a comprehensive alerting system. And to ensure compliance with Air Force Instructions 10-2501 (emergency management) and 10-218 (personnel accountability), we began searching for a single system that could meet the network alerting requirements. Products we’d used in the past took too long to operate, had scalability and security issues, and were too slow at getting the word out.

    Colonel John Hayes,

    CIO for AFRC

    I have a single Emergency Manager that covers the entire garrison from Grafenwoehr to Garmisch. Anything we can do that allows other trusted agents to assist managing our administrative data input for our communication capability will allow [Kim] more time to focus on other aspects of our Protection Program.

    James E. Van Patten III,

    Director DPTMS & PAI, USAG Bavaria