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    Work from Home with Security from the Office

    Empower your employees to work remotely with their own devices

    Broader work from home policies and requirements are becoming a reality. Make sure you’re not sacrificing productivity or security.


    Secure Remote Access for Desktops and Laptops

    BlackBerry offerings for desktop can turn any home laptop into a remote work laptop. There’s no need to manage devices—managing the browser is all it takes. ?

    • Traffic is securely routed and data is encrypted
    • Home workers get a productivity suite of apps
    • Very simple to set up, no VPN needed

    All a user needs is a link and an activation code to begin working remotely.


    Maximized Productivity, Reduced Costs and Unparalleled Security

    A Modern Alternative to VPN and VDI

    BlackBerry? offers a containerized environment that enables employee productivity, without the complexities and high costs of traditional VPNs or Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI).

    • Email, calendar and contacts
    • Documents
    • Microsoft Office? 365 apps
    • Intranet sites
    • Cloud-based business apps
    Simple Onboarding and Offboarding

    BlackBerry enables IT to onboard any user by providing a simple access key. After activation, the user can then access all corporate resources with a single sign-on on to BlackBerry apps on their computer, separate from their personal apps. IT can also easily wipe all corporate data from the device, such as at the end of a contract or in the event of an emergency – without having to worry about a complex enrollment and deprovisioning process.

    End-to-end Security with Data Path Controls

    BlackBerry uses Data Path Controls to securely route traffic through the firewall, and at the same time keeps intranet and any SaaS data secure and containerized. BlackBerry also delivers support for PAC files.

    • "Whitelist” approved domains
    • Set browser and app policies by user group
    • Support server certificates and persistent credentials
    • Enable strict tunnelling or flexible traffic control